What I’m most proud of

The thing that I’m probably most proud of right now is the fact that I’ve been able to quit smoking cigarettes for it’s getting up to almost 900 days, and for anybody that smokes and has tried to quit, you know, you know the strength of the addiction.  I smoked for 12 years and tried to quit multiple times and couldn’t do it and was miserable, and you know, finally managed to do it and hopefully, you know I can hang on to that, and right now that’s probably the thing that I’m most proud of.

I’m most proud of graduating high school and continuing my education because in my family my parents, and my grandparents were not as fortunate as I was to finish their education to graduate.  I feel as though I have overcome the odds of becoming a successful person in life, and, also, my parents are proud me, my family is proud of me, and I also have cousins and relatives that I would rather, let them look up to me to see me as a role model.

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