Negative Experience w/ the Internet

I recently had a bad experience with an online computer error.  Um, this experience included PayPal, which is an online program to help buyers and sellers interact with each other and to complete transactions with items.  This error included someone who sent me a fraudulent email to extort money from me as well as a shipment. This experience has taught me to better prepare myself for emails and to check on various buyers I interact with in the future.

About three years ago, my sister was on the computer, and she had just checked her e-mail.  She got a letter from a Nigerian prince saying that she had just one the lottery or something like that, from the United Kingdom which made no sense because it was like Nigeria, and it had to do with, I had no idea how this worked.  So, I thought it was pretty fishy, and my sister wanted me to scan her, like, personal information because they asked her for it to get the lottery.  So, I did because I think I was, well, it wasn’t three years ago; it was about five years ago, sorry, and I was still pretty, well, I’m not that smart right now, but I was pretty dumb.  So I did that.  I scanned it.  It took a long time because my dad kept the scanner hidden, so I had to connect it.  I had to do the whole thing. So we did this whole thing.  We thought we were millionaires.  And then, I finally got the bright idea that I would check on the internet if this was, if there was anything wrong about this and that I checked and the first thing it came up on Yahoo, there were like a million hits about this fraud that people had gotten into.  Thankfully, my sister only sent I think her identification because, that’s all she could find at the time, so I scanned her like ID, but thankfully, there was like, she didn’t like send them her like bank number or whatever, but, you know.  So, that was that’s the story I had to tell.

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