Educational Experiences


When I was in graduate school, I was afraid I wouldn’t make it.  It was a new experience.  And so of course I had to work very hard.  I had not been in class for some years.  Going back to class was really a new experience, frightening, intimidating.  Every night I sat at the typewriter and worked, thought to myself, “Am I going to make this?”

So one day I was in the cafeteria, eating lunch, and I was eating salad, and I bit on an olive pit.  Pulled the olive pit and a tooth out of my mouth…right here.  The tooth was out.  The same afternoon, I played soccer.  It was one of the great soccer matches of my life.  We played against a very tenacious, Japanese team.  And I played the goalie on the German team.  The end result was 0-0.  I had not let in a single ball.  It was a great game, but during the game, I broke my little finger.  Now I had a missing tooth and a  broken finger.  After the game, I went to the doctor, had my finger set in a splint, and I came home to my room.  That night, wearing glasses, I dropped something, bent over and in bending over, lost my glasses, they fell to the floor and one of the lenses broke.  So, in the same day, I had a missing tooth, a broken finger, and I had broken eyeglasses.  And I sat down and cried.  I thought this was it.  It was not meant to be.  But something told me I had to go on.  I did.  And here I am.  I graduated from graduate school.

The part of high school that I’m happy I’m over with is the whole thing.  I didn’t really enjoy high school, just because I didn’t really feel like I was getting anything out of it that was going to correlate to my future.  I wasn’t on a college prep kind of course. So, for me a high school diploma was meaningless to me.  I felt like I needed a trade, and the trade was going to be what would help me to develop after high school, not a high school diploma.  That wasn’t going to do anything for me at the time.  I had the feeling that it was useless to me and that it wasn’t going to do anything for me at all.

I attended Lincoln High School in Jersey City, NJ.  I am so happy I do not have to live through math class with the teacher named Melianie.  Oh my goodness!  It was so boring.  I fell asleep in class, just…just falling asleep, and I would just get the tap from my *shoulder, “Miss Taylor!  Miss Taylor!  Wake up!  You’re not learning anything.”  I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re just boring.

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