Discussing current events

Alright I have a big problem with the fact that there are no jobs and there’s mass unemployment going on in this country. And I also think that the biggest problem is the fact that we let money run this system. We need a different type of order or system because America…America has actually gotten itself in a trillion dollar debt that we can’t get out of. Therefore, if we’re in debt, they have no money to give us money to have jobs, and that’s a big problem. We need to find a different resource, and find a different way of living in order to fix this structure because right now the way we’re going is we’re going into other countries, getting into other wars, taking their land and using their resources for us to gain back control, and that’s a problem. And that’s happened not now…it’s starting to escalate all over the world, and we gotta fix it.

Last week the world was surprised to hear that Haiti had an earthquake. It was extremely devastating. People are still actually caught in the rubble, and people are still trying to be found. The only thing we can do as Americans, besides just hoping that you know everyone will be ok, is donating to certain organizations that will provide relief to Haiti. So, last week I donated to the YELE foundation, which was founded by Wyclef Jean. And he’s actually Haitian. And so I just hope that the money will help the Haitians just with whatever be it, supplies, medical supplies, or just relief, in whatever way that can happen

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