My First Airplane Ride

My first airplane ride I was going to, where was I going…I think I was going…I was going to Spain, and uh, it was hilarious because I’ve never been on a plane before, so I was excited to feel the actual lift, and at first I saw myself on the ground and in 5 seconds I’m literally up in the air and you didn’t even feel it at all, and then I was very excited from when we were going to land.  Everyone was holding their hands, being all like, “I love you.  I love you.”  And I was just excited.  And as soon as we landed, you felt it, and it was like touch down!  And I was like yea!  It was great.  It was wonderful.

My first airplane ride was a flight from Newark to Salt Lake City, Utah, which is about a 6 hour flight, which for somebody who had never flown before and had been basically taught to fear flying growing up it was quite a chore.  It’s also quite a chore if you’re a smoker and have to go 6 hours on a plane with no cigarettes.  I was not prepared for that.  About 4 hours in I, my nerves were shot and some baby was screaming and I just wanted to stand up in the middle of the plane and be like, “Somebody shut that kid up!”  So it was a lot.  It was interesting.  I’ve since adapted, and used to take chew on instead to calm my nerves and stuff.  But it was quite an interesting experience.

My first airplane ride was when I was four, or three.  Somewhere in that.  My parents have told me about it because I don’t have it in my consciousness, while I wasn’t really conscious back then.  I don’t think I am right now, but the point is, apparently, during my first airplane ride, I thought it was a rollercoaster ride or whatever.  I thought it was like a game.  So, apparently, when I got out of the airplane, I told my parents that I wanted to go back in, which we couldn’t because it had to be a significant amount of money to get back into the plane.  It would be stupid because you would get back to the same place where we came.  So, we went from Ecuador, Guayaquil, which is where I was born to here, to New York to visit my dad’s family, and that was my first airplane ride.  And that’s what I’ve been told about it because I don’t remember it that well.   In remember all the other ones, but not my first one that well.

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