Ok, so actually this happened to me today…I was talking to a friend while I was coming back to work, and I had to get back to work, but she was just talking and talking and talking, kind of keeping me a little bit longer than I needed to.  So I was just kind of telling her like, um, kind of making some motions.  I really gotta go right now.  I can’t really stay here and talk, but, you know, maybe I could just call you later and we could kind of catch up and continue this at a different time.

Uh, yes, if I’m talking to someone and they’re keeping me longer than I would like to be kept.  I’ll, I might say, “Oh gee, I have an appointment, and I have to leave now.”  If I’m talking on the telephone I might say, “Oh my doorbell just rang and I have to answer it.”  Um, I’m not good at lying.  Um, well, usually, usually the truth works.  I mean usually if you’re, if you feel you’re being kept, there is something else you have to do, so just be honest and say it.

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