The coldest I’ve ever been

The coldest I’ve ever been was in Chicago.  I went there 2 maybe 2 years ago.  It was around, I think Valentine’s, so it was February, and they had a huge snowstorm.  I remember going outside to get something to eat, and it was right across from the hotel, and I couldn’t make it past the third step because it was so cold and I felt it inside, and with my bones, and it was that sting feeling like needles.  I had to run to the place and try to get a hot chocolate while I was waiting for my food just to take all the ice that I probably had on me from freezing.  And running back, I wasn’t even looking forward to running back to the hotel.  It was just really extremely cold.  I can’t even describe how cold it was.  And that’s the coldest I’ve ever been.

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