Describing your apartment

I actually just moved.  Well, not just moved, but about a year ago, we moved, my family and I from an apartment where we had lived for about 6 years, 7 years maybe.  And it was a small apartment.  There’s, we were five people; sometimes five, sometimes six, because my sister moved in and out and then now she’s back with us again.  But, we finally we’re able to buy a house, quote unquote, not really because we have to pay the mortgage every month, so it’s, you know, we started, we’ve started buying the house whatever paying the mortgages.  So now we have a house and that’s nice ‘cause it’s a , we have a backyard, and I have my own room, which I didn’t have before, so that’s, that’s a good thing.  So it’s been a pretty good year so far because of the new house.

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