Pet Peeves

Pet peeves.  Interesting words.  My main pet peeve, because I live in New York City, which is a big place and very congested, full of people.  My pet peeve, my main pet peeve is when it rains, and I’m on the sidewalks of New York City, I despise women with large umbrellas who don’t understand that there are other people walking on the same sidewalk because you are constantly trying to fend off umbrellas that threaten to tear off your glasses or pull your hair or get in the way of your clothing.  That is my main pet peeve.  They ought to outlaw women with umbrellas.

Someone asked me what’s my pet peeves, and I have plenty, my pet peeves are: I don’t like when you just talk in my ear, if you know you talk and you sound like you’re buzzing like a bumble bee, that irritates me.  What else?  Um.  Sometimes studying is my pet peeve, ‘cause you know, when you read the words too long, they start making your head hurt.  They start running around the page and you don’t know what you’re reading anymore, so that’s when you have to just put it to the side.  Also, when you cook dinner, because my sister has a habit of doing…when you cook dinner and you don’t clean up behind yourself, you have nasty pots with like gravy and stuff falling out of sides, and you don’t wash the dishes and it gets crusty, and you have to clean it the next day.  That’s disgusting ‘cause it takes about an hour to wash them…it takes about an hour it takes abhout an hour to wash the dirty dishes, when it would only take you ten minutes to wash a pot that you just finished cooking out of.  Also, oh!  I have one more.  Oh, this is my ultimate pet peeve!  When you go in the bathroom and my brother doesn’t put the toilet seat down.  Do you know how many times I fell in the toilet because he didn’t put the toilet seat down?  My butt was like soaking wet from just from the water…that’s disgusting.  So, just always remember to put the toilet seat down.

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