My Daily Activities

My typical daily activities during the week it’s pretty structured, work until about 5:00, and then it includes usually some kind of workout whether it’s gonna be baseball or running or yoga or strength training.  I like to do that after work.  It keeps me active.  Otherwise, I just end up on the couch watching some meaningless TV that I probably shouldn’t be watching anyway.  And that’s pretty much straight structure through the week.  And then on the weekend I pretty much go spend time with my fiancé, but other than that that’s pretty much it.

What I do every day, most, well, most weekdays, actually, all weekdays, now, which means Monday to Friday, uh, I wake up around 6:40 and I, and, I don’t do it willingly because it’s really early in the morning and it sucks.  So, my mom, well, my mom yells at me to wake up and I do.  And then I eat breakfast, and then my dad drives to the train station.  The train station is about 15 minutes, no, well, it’s like 10 minutes walking from my house, but it’s nice that he can drive me because it’s cold, especially in the winter because it’s cold and stuff.  And, um, then he goes to work, so it’s convenient for him and it’s convenient for me.  It’s nice. So then I take the train from Elizabeth where I live to Newark which takes about 15 minutes.  And then I get off at Penn Station and then I take the light rail from Penn Station to Rutgers-Newark, so that’s what I usually do.

My typical daily activities, once I go back to work, which is as a school bus driver.  I get up in the morning usually around 5:30 and have my breakfast, and then I go pick up my, my bus aide at her house, and we go around and we pick up four children, special needs children, and we take them to a regular elementary school.  After we drop them off, then I take my aide back to her house.  I’m able to take the bus home.  I park in the driveway.  And then I usually have about a 3 to 4 hour break, and at that time I will do errands, straighten up around the house, relax, go on the computer.  Once my break is done, which includes lunch, I will go back and pick up my aide. We’ll go back to the school, pick the children up, take each one of them back home again.  Then I drop my aide off. I go back home and that’s when I go out for my walk/run after work.  I do that for anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, covering anywhere from 2.8 miles to 4.5 miles.  After that, I come home, shower up and have dinner, and watch some TV, spend some time with the children until it’s time to go to bed, and then it starts all over again.

I get up at about seven O’clock in the morning, and I usually have juice and a cup of coffee, and then I wait a couple of hours and I have the rest of my breakfast, which is usually an egg and toast, or oatmeal, cereal, something like that.  Um, I don’t eat a lot of lunch.  Um, and then I have dinner in the evening around seven O’clock.  I usually teach in the mornings, but two nights a week I teach from four to seven in the afternoon, and I like that too.  I don’t teach on Saturdays anymore.  I used to.  So Saturdays and Sundays are pretty free.  And Sunday I like to sit and read the newspaper.  That’s my, that’s my, what I do on a Sunday.  I catch up because during the week I don’t read the newspaper.  So I read the newspaper on Sunday and catch up on  what’s been happening in the world.


Ok, so where do I go.  Usually on the weekends, especially in the summer, I try to plan a lot of outings and enjoy the weather, so I plan a day at the beach, or I can play a day at the pool or the park, a lot of my friends also have barbecues which are pretty fun.  So they have music, they have games, volleyball, basketball, softball games.  Sundays I try to relax a little bit more.  I go to church.  I just visit a few families, um, my friends, and just do my errands, go to the store, whether it’s Shop-Rite or any pharmacies, and take a walk around the block, enjoy the day.  If it’s raining, I like to just stay home because it’s one of those relaxing days.  So that’s usually what I do on my weekends, and during the week I just go to work.

One thought on “My Daily Activities

  1. my dayly activity, I ussualy wake up aroud 4.30 in the morning, and go to work at 6.30 because the office hour start at 7.00 everyday, and usually bring my breakfast to the office, u have to know Iam the police women so that I must go early, my office hour end at 5 or until 6 everyday, i can cook my favorites food and I can go outing with my family until sunday evening.

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