Talking about your job

Alright, I’m an artist, and what I do is basically I’ve been coming up with this idea called Curvism, or Circlism as you would like to say, and basically what that means is taking the idea of Cubism, and Cubism was a different form of art that Picasso did which was showing multiple views at one, with one single, on one single plane, so you could see the back, the side, and the front all at once.  And I’m basically taking that idea but mixing it with the factor of using one continuous line to make the outline for whatever picture or piece I’m making, and then after that what I do is acquire shapes to it, and I make certain parts 3-dimensional, which means come out, other parts two-dimensional, which means flat, and I put them together so that it plays with the eye so that way when you see it, and it goes back and forth and are in focus and that’s what makes it exciting to look at.

My job is a network engineer for a law firm.  It’s basically in layman’s terms computer support.  It ranges from everything from administrative work of managing all these users and the back end which consists of servers and stuff like that to, you know, somebody just calling me if their computer won’t turn on or their printer won’t print or, you know, they need help with an application.  There’s a wide variety of things that can happen during a day.   Database management, I mean you name it if they need it, we do it.  It’s challenging.  There’s only, you know, maybe three of us and there’s probably about 200 people to support.  So at times it can get hectic, but at times, there’s a lot of downtime too.  You know people think I don’t do anything at this job, but that’s not true.  But there’s periods of times where I cannot get a call or have anything to do for a couple of hours.  So I appreciate that aspect of it.  I don’t appreciate the aspect of when you have to work until midnight or three in the morning, but it happens.  It’s part of the job and you just kind of have to go with it.

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