Talking about your name

My name is Nikiya.  The meaning…I don’t know.  However, I do know that it’s not a common name.  I have not come across many people with the same name that I have.  I have one little cousin, and, fortunately, her name is Nikiya.  But unfortunately, she’s gonna grow up to have the same problems that I have with my name.  I’ve been called, Nikeeya, Nikki, Nikita, Nicole…everything under the sun.  But that’s not my name.  My name is Nikiya.

Ok my name is Erik Donny Garcia.  The Erik is E R I K, and that comes from Erik the Red, and Erik the Red is a Viking, and my mother picked that for that purpose.  My dad picked Erik because of Erik Estrada, the actor, which is very funny, and he worked on C.H.I.P.S.  I don’t know if you ever know that show.  And the Donny part, Donny comes from Donny and Marie, which is a famous 70s, yea, there’s this 70s show.  They were kind of like a broadcast show with entertainment, live music and all that stuff, and there were very famous at that time, so, in the hippie era, so that was in the 60s and 70s and that’s where they came from.  And they named me Donnie because they loved it and it was a popular tune and it was a popular name.  And then Garcia is just my traditional last name.

Hi.  My name is Lynn Fiore.  I come from an Italian family.  My maiden name was Belli.  Lynn is not very Italian.  I think my mother got it out of a dictionary.  Um, I did find out that in old English it means brook. And I think that applies to me because I’ve been running a lot in my life, going from one thing to another, and, and, having new adventures.  And so I think my name fits me.

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