Ok I’m gonna start with colors.  A simple way that I remember the colors is the mnemonic device Roy G. Biv.  And so each part of the mnemonic device stands for a certain color.  So I’ll start with Roy.  That’s red, orange and then yellow.  G, which stands for green.  And then BIV, which is blue, indigo and violet.

The colors in my house growing up were pretty diverse.  My mom is an interior decorator, so she loves colors.  She loves matching colors.  She loves intricate designs.  So, the colors in my house were or are, the living room is a pale orange color, and it has wallpaper that’s textured and off-white couches and blue pillows with a little bit of orange.  And the dining room has wall paper, again, but it’s a yellow or gold, more like gold, gold with a pattern, and all of the furniture is wood, hardwood, dark color like mahogany.  And the kitchen has black countertops and white cabinets and there’s a lot of light, so it makes all the colors jump out.

The outside of my house is a forest green, dark green color, and the porch and the steps are kind of a yellowish type.  The house used to be blue, but I had it repainted and now it’s the dark green.  When you first walk into my house, you notice a whole bunch of different colors.  I don’t particularly care for just plain white walls, so when you walk into the foyer, you notice the cream-colored or very, very light tan.  Uh, woodwork, the walls are green.  The floor is a brown tile, sticky tile that you put down.  The living room is a combination of browns and greens and tan.  There’s also a mural on the, one of the walls of a forest scene.  I have some outdoor things indoors.  I have some fake vines and plants inside the living room.  And on one of the larger windows on each side I have actually outdoor shutters, which kind of gives it a nice outdoor feeling.  The upstairs bedrooms, one bedroom is blue and the other bedroom right now is not too much of any color.  It has to be redone and painted.  The bathroom again has earth tones in it.  The kitchen is, again everything is earth tones, the greens, the browns, the yellows.  Also, in the bathroom, there is yellow also.  The woodwork is a bright yellow.  And, uh, it tends to brighten things up.  Like I said, I don’t particularly care for plain white walls.  I like to be able to see color when I walk in.

2 thoughts on “Colors

  1. hi i herad this site from my friend, she lives in New jersey and is a student in college academy only for Saturday. and we start to study english with this site from today together(we’ve studied english by ourself). we’re gonna study everyday one chapters. and also i think this site is very useful to all of us as international students. so i wanna recommend to you about lesson. why don’t you add conversation in restaurant, hair shop. or when we bought some items from warmart, the price was wrong.. how to say it (to cashier or friend)….that’s just what i want to learn from here as well. but it’s already great. so i wnat to express to you. ” i feel really super thanks to you”

  2. Hello Jella,

    I’m glad to hear you have found and are using the site. I plan to do more videos soon, and I will definitely take your feedback into account. Please if you have any other suggestions on how to make this site better, let me know. Also, share with as many people as you can. Thanks!

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