The worst date that I ever had happened about two months ago.  My best friend set me up with this guy.  It was a blind date, so I didn’t know what he was going to look like.  I got there and he was very ugly.  I didn’t like how he looked.  And we didn’t talk about anything that I liked to talk about, and on top of everything, he made me pay for the meal.

Ok If  a guy asked me out on a date, it depends who would have to pay at the end of the night.  If I feel really comfortable with him, and I really like him, then maybe I’ll let him pay for it, because I want it to make him, I want him to be strong and manly and all that good stuff.  If I really don’t feel much for him then maybe we’ll go dutch, which basically means we each pay our own half of the bill.  And if I really don’t like him at all, then I’ll just get up from the table and tell them he’s gonna have to wash some dishes by the end of the night.

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