Advice you would give to teenagers

As I speak to you I imagine that most of you are teenagers or in your early twenties, so this is what I would say to you if I were in your class as I have said this to my children who are older than you.  Live life to the fullest.  By that I mean taste life.  Try everything, but do so in moderation.  That means nothing to excess, nothing too much.  Live a full life.  Live expansively, comprehensively.  Enjoy.  Appreciate.  But don’t commit too much.  You might be surprised.  It will come back to you and hurt you.

Advice I would give to a room full of teenagers, well, I have some teenagers that I  give advice to all the time, they’re my nephews, and I tell them, “If I were you, If I could do it all over again, don’t party too much, get good grades, play lots of sports, just have fun, have fun with your friends, don’t worry about dating, don’t worry about what guys or girls are thinking of you, um, hang out with adults more, and just think that whatever happens in this time in your life, it doesn’t mean a lot, ten, twenty years later.  That whatever you’re doing now, sets the tone, but, you’re not always that same person, you’re always gonna change, and whatever you’ve been labeled or not labeled, don’t think that’s gonna stick with you forever.  I would definitely say pay attention to your studies, get good grades, because it does have an effect of where you end up in college, or…you know your work habits and personality traits.

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