The house I grew up in

The house that I grew up in is located in Brooklyn, New York. It’s an apartment building.  It has, in the apartment it has 2 bedrooms, a very big living room.  I can remember running up and down the hallways and sliding across the parquet floors with my sister and always getting in trouble because I run into the wall.

This is the house where I grew up, which was in a small house in Germany.  It was a beautiful old house with thick walls, which means you couldn’t hear your neighbors, up or down or on either side.  The kitchen was in the basement, and it was a large kitchen, with a table directly in the middle such that I could run around, I could even ride my tricycle around the table.  Then, on the first floor, we had the bedroom, and the living room, and this is where my parents and I slept in the same room.  My bed was at the foot end of their bed, which means perpendicular to their bed.  And the living room was a large, spacious place with an entire wall of windows, and in the windows we had potted plants so that as you looked towards the windows, you saw nothing but sunlight and green.  And upstairs, under the roof, there was an attic room, and that’s where my grandmother slept.  It was a lovely place.  It had two little windows that I could look out and see the people passing underneath, and sometimes I would drop water balloons on them.

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