Favorite Restaurant

Ok my favorite restaurant Casa Nova…There’s tables inside, but it’s a mixture between buffet as well as menu.  So, you have the diner’s choice, excuse me.  I normally opt for the buffet because I get a different variety and there’s some salad, some corn, French fries, a little rice, farrofa, beans.  I could also eat some chicken, fish, beef.  Whatever I want.  The restaurant itself is very popular. There’s always quite a bit of people inside regardless of the time, but usually during lunch time is the busiest hour.

I’m gonna be talking about my favorite restaurant.  It’s actually in Newark.  It’s downtown by Ironbound on Ferry St.  And the place is called Hamburgao.  It’s a really good, it’s a really good Brazilian place.  They serve burgers and all that.  The burgers have like eggs, bacon, ham, pineapples and corn and potato sticks in it.  It’s a really good place, and they deliver too.

My favorite restaurant is a restaurant called BBQs.  It’s a restaurant that specializes in like barbecue.  They barbecue like everything under the sun, from chicken to ribs, to beef, to pork, everything.  And my, it’s like they have different brands of it.  You have ones that specializes in a certain state.  So, my actual favorite one is the one called Texas BBQ.  Only because when I order my pina coladas they’re like jumbo size.  Like everything in Texas, I guess that everything in Texas is humongous, but when I go to BBQs and I order my pina colada, like the cup is like big.  I have to hold it with two hands, and that’s just my favorite part ‘cuz I end up with like a little pina colada mustache, and it’s so cute to me.  I always take a picture every time I go.  Um, and the restaurant it’s just nicely lit.  It’s sort of a mesh between upscale and just a regular restaurant that you will go with your family for an everyday type of thing.  So, that’s my favorite restaurant.

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