Giving Directions

If you’ve ever wondered how to get to Prudential Center from Rutgers-Newark, there’s an easy and simple way, and it’s taking the light rail.  And the way you do it is if you are on University Avenue, you walk down past the Golden Dome, and then you keep walking, and then you make a left to take the light rail, which should be the one crossing the street, not, there’s two, there’s two, to be the one crossing the street on Washington, and then you take the light rail, you take it up to Penn Station, and then from Penn Station the way you can get to Prudential Center, real easily, is when walk out of the light rail you go to the escalator to g  to the gateway center, which is like a bridge that they have, and then you walk down the hallway through the Gateway Center, when you walk out, you wanna walk out and find yourself about a block from Prudential Center.  You’ll be able to see it.  It’s really big.  So, that way you can get there.

I’m gonna be giving directions on how to get to Jersey City from Newark where we’re at right now, Rutgers University.  First, you have to travel to Penn Station, and to get there you have to get on the light rail, right there by Blumenthal.  I think it’s by University Ave.  And then you get on the light rail and you get off at Penn Station, and then once you’re there, you take the Path, the Path train from Newark to Jersey City.  And once you get off, once you get on the Path, you’re basically there.  It’s like two stops away.  You go to Newark station, and then you go to Harrison, and then the next stop is Jersey City and you’re right there by Journal Square.

Okay we’re going to my house right so what you gotta do is you gotta go down the street.  You gotta make a left on Davis Ave.  Keep on going all the way down until you can’t get any further and you hit Schuyler Ave.  So then you have to make a right.  Once you make the right you park your car.  It’s right there.

If you were gonna go to Rutgers to Newark Penn Station, you have to go straight down University Avenue.  You make a left on Raymond Boulevard, and take that straight down about half a mile.  Once you get past that half a mile, you’ll arrive at Newark Penn Station.

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