The weather where I live

Where I live the weather is generally beautiful.  Why?  Well, here on the east coast we have four seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall.  What’s beautiful about that, you don’t really have time to get sick.  Well, actually you do.  You have time to get sick of something like summer for example.  Summer lasts normally three months.  And here summer is typically hot and humid.  So, at the end of those three months of the heat and humidity, you’re just so sick of it, ready to move on.  What comes next?  Fall.  Fall is nice because the leaves change, the color, the weather becomes a little bit cooler.  The only problem is the sun starts to set sooner.  And a few months of that and we get into winter.  Winter is nice because it’s really cold.  Typically it doesn’t snow much here like it used to, but the cold is still a nice, a nice little change from the summer time.  Again, the light goes even faster during winter time.  But just when you get sick of the cold, the lack of light, the wet conditions, comes spring.  Beautiful weather, beautiful sunshine, beautiful breezes and once in a while some rain.

The weather where I live is somewhat cool, but somewhat humid.  Today’s weather is slightly cold with a little peek of sun.

Now I’m going to talk about the weather where I live.  And I gotta be honest, it really sucks because it’s, when it gets really cold, it gets really cold, and let me just give you an example.  This is what I’ve noticed over the last year.  Right now, in the winter, it’s been really, really cold, and it snowed a lot.  But the good thing about this winter is that most days are pretty sunny, which is weird because it’s winter, but in the summer, I remember every single day was hot, but rainy, and it was not sunny at all.  So, the weather where I live isn’t very good.

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